Building Upon My AV Industry Knowledge and Skills: The Quest for CTS Certification

Nearly two years ago, I joined Control Concepts as a Customer Relationship Manager. I was fresh out of the retail industry and confident within customer relations, however, brand new to the AV field.

With a role centered around client relations in regards to control systems programming, I am continuously striving to educate myself from both a technical and business perspective. I am also focused on increasing my understanding of the larger industry including the key players in the ecosystem, the greatest challenges, and the most promising opportunities.

As part of this “learning” initiative, I also seek to gain more familiarity with the newer solutions Control Concepts now offers. One example of this pertains to the growing area of module and custom software development opportunities, which involves a broader spectrum of industry participants. Increased training and education around these growth areas of the business and industry are critical to improving and extending my capabilities and optimally managing client needs.

I believe that enhancing my overall knowledge will enable me to further compliment and strengthen my expertise as a member of the Control Concepts team, and as a professional in an industry of rapid growth and opportunity. This desire for knowledge has led me to pursue a CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification through InfoComm.

Through regular communication with clients and partners, I have expanded my understanding of the key players across the industry and how they all connect. I have also learned that while there is an abundance of honorable and innovative members in the community, there is a level that sets many apart in terms of industry accreditation. In addition to extensive experience and skills, these notable experts also hold the CTS.

The quest for achieving the CTS certification and mastering the exam has been somewhat of a challenge for me especially for someone newer to the industry with a less technical background. I recognize that obtaining this certification is an ambitious goal. However, it will be particularly rewarding, once accomplished, given its recognition and credibility within the industry.

While I am enjoying the learning process, I have certainly faced my share of obstacles along the way. My general inexperience, lack of “in the field” exposure, and limited relatability and application towards the CTS training and textbook material have made the process quite challenging. But, through this all, I have realized a newfound determination to succeed.

With this, I continue to work hard at gathering supplemental context, knowledge, and guidance from diverse colleagues and industry peers, as well as making new connections with key contacts. These are just a few strategies I am using to help bring me closer to achieving my goal.

I recently accepted a co-chair position for Women in InfoComm (WIN)’s NYC/Metro-area community. In addition to contributing to the greater good of the industry, I hope to leverage this opportunity to network and expand relationships, particularly at the inspirational and mentor level.

I also recently participated in a Rave Publications’ Tech Chaos podcast with Host, Christa Bender about Programming and Certification and was a guest on Corey Moss’ Edge of AV show about Women, Stem, Education, Career and Mentoring.

My mission is to become an example of encouragement to empower newer members of the industry, or perhaps anyone who is simply trying out a new path. I feel confident that these interactions will also lead to “information fillers” towards my CTS quest, which I hope will have a happy-ending in the coming months. I promise to keep you posted soon!