The Industry is Changing and We are Here for You

The past summer has witnessed the pace of business and demands of our industry increase considerably. We have seen the work that we do evolve from a project-centric to relationship-based approach with more emphasis being put on standardization, consistency, and post-project adjustments, maintenance, and support.

The importance of control programming and the role of the control programmer continue to evolve. The need to have a “go to” programming resource that not only provides a consistent outcome from room-to-room, but also a standard from project-to-project has moved to the forefront of the minds of technology managers.

Gone are the days that a control programmer was only responsible for programming a control system. Involvement in defining functionality, researching product capabilities, vetting a system design, defining IP configuration for both control and signal transport, troubleshooting device communications, and being responsible for supporting the system now play a significant role.

With the growing number of programmable devices in AV systems and an increased need for specialty services, Control Concepts is answering the call to provide support in new ways with the expansion of our technical services and customer-focused team.

To complement our long standing offering of control system programming, we have added a suite of engineering services that will provide increased resources to satisfy project needs and grow customer relationships. These new services include audio DSP programming, audio setup and calibration, field commissioning, system engineering, design, and documentation.

Our expanded specialty services continue our mission to serve technology managers, consultants and integrators with expertise from a partner they can trust to provide that one missing ingredient or a more complete recipe for a successful project.

Included in this effort is our software development services. Through software development services, we have created practical solutions to enhance AV systems, user experience, and tools for programmers. One such example includes middleware offerings that easily integrate scheduling software like EMS software to AMX RMS and Crestron Fusion.

Additionally, in response to increased business needs and demands, Dayna Baumann has joined our team in a customer relationship role. Dayna will be a primary point of contact for customers and partners engaging with Control Concepts before and after project implementation and will assist with ongoing needs. Lynn Abraham, a longstanding member of the Control Concepts team, will continue her focus on project implementation supporting clients and team members alike.

At the heart of what we do every day is our commitment to do the absolute best for everyone that we encounter. We look to evolve and to be forward thinking, so we can tackle changes and continue to satisfy the needs and be a valued partner to the technology managers, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers who embrace us.