Employee Corner: Lynn Abraham

Lynn Abraham has been a proud member of the Control Concepts team for over 8 years and has seen her role with the company evolve from managing company finances to learning more about the project implementation side of the business and helping to connect with customers and oversee the productivity of the team.

Lynn says, “at this point, I feel like I have played a role in all aspects of our business… sometimes it’s a minor role in communication in the sales process or larger roles in the project management, customer service, or coordination of the projects.” At every turn, Lynn has served as a support and a valued member of the Control Concepts team.

We sat down with Lynn to talk about her evolving role and what makes her a unique and powerful force behind Control Concepts and our continued success.

What, would you say, is the most important attribute for working with the team and with CCI customers?

Patience and understanding! We are all so wrapped in the fast paced lives we live in that we forget common courtesy, understanding, and the fact that we all have a common goal: a successful project which leads to a happy customer.

How does it feel to have been with the team for this many years and what has felt like the biggest milestone or biggest moment in that time?

It may sound cliché but, after all this time, Control Concepts is my extended family. This group of people really cares about what they do and the impression they leave on our customers, for each other, and for our company. You don’t see that kind of dedication everywhere.

I’ve been in my latest role about two years and it has brought me many wins so it is hard to identify one moment in time. I can say I have earned the respect of my peers, which was very important to me. They understand I am here to support them and find solutions to our day-to-day challenges.

Our customers always know they can reach out to me for whatever their needs are and I’ve earned their respect too, with lots of hard work.

What sets the CCI Team apart from others?

I don’t know how many people are fortunate enough to say they work with the same group of people for 8, 11, 12 years. Within that time not only do you build a professional relationship of trust and camaraderie but, a personal one, as well.

Together, we are dedicated to making CCI a success because we feel we are CCI. That feeling you just don’t get when you work in a place where there are 200 people and you don’t really know any of them. We feel a responsibility to the customer, to the project, to each other, and to Control Concepts.

What are you most excited about as Control Concepts gets ready to head into 2016 and its 19th year in business?

I am excited to see the continued growth of our company, the growth of our development department and to see more of the audio DSP, engineering, and specialty services and what they will bring to the table. I am excited to have the opportunity to meet our customers and hear how they are planning for us in their future.