Independent Programmers and Technology Managers: The Right Fit at the Right Time

Independent programming for AV and the independent AV programmer professional are coming of age.  We are no longer on the fringes or included as afterthoughts in conversations, or in bids.  As the scope of the industry, the ways that we work and the power of technology has evolved over the last two decades, so too has the independent programming professional.

As Control Concepts celebrates our 18th year in business and as we embark on exciting new service expansions that will see us playing an even more vital role in projects with integrators, consultants and technology managers, we are looking at how changes in technology and business have contributed to the evolution of the independent programmer and the effect that it has on our relationships with all of the players in the AV/IT field.

Technology Managers and Independent Programmers: A Shared Trajectory

So too are technology managers gaining more presence in the AV industry and holding more responsibility.  Tech managers’ growing place in the industry looks much like the independent programmer’s role not all that long ago.  And this development coincides with the time at which independent programmers – effective solutions providers – are reaching maturation.

And because programmers have been where technology managers are now, we are able to form partnerships and develop support and opportunities that harness resources, experience and creative power to deliver the kinds of comprehensive solutions that create the kinds of user experiences that allow the industry and the markets we serve to evolve beyond expectations.

How Independent AV Programmers and Technology Managers Connect

Independent programmers are able to solve the problems that technology managers face on the day-to-day. By applying IT style solutions to AV problems, the solutions themselves become the primary point of connection between technology managers and independent AV programmers.  Effectively, the solutions implemented by a solutions provider link them to technology managers in ways that are mutually supportive and mutually beneficial to their growth and development because they speak more of the same language.

IT style solutions from independent programmers create comprehensive solutions for technology managers and allows for more peer-to-peer/expert-to-expert conversations between technology managers and independent programmers as opposed to the kinds of conversations technology managers have with integrators and others.

Programming Solutions That Fit Technology Manager Approaches, Needs and Expertise

Software, module development and the ability to work across a variety of devices all fit technology manager expertise, needs and approaches and respond to the diversity of user skill sets, needs and expectations.

Ultimately, it is the independent programmer’s ability to understand the approaches and experiences of technology managers now and as they continue to develop into industry stakeholders.

Get More Programmer – Technology Manager Insight

Join us, along with the Technology Managers TechTalk Team for a special presentation by independent programmers from Control Concepts and BMA Software Solutions at InfoComm2015 on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, in Orlando, Florida.

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