Control Concepts Partners with Biamp Systems to Deliver More to Integrators and End Users: Crestron and AMX Module Development for the Tesira® Product Platform


Led by Director of Product Development, Jeff Mackie, the Control Concepts development team worked with Biamp Systems to create and maintain AMX and Crestron interface modules for the AV manufacturer’s Tesira® and TesiraFORTÉ digital signal processors.

Both the Tesira and TesiraFORTÉ are designed for audio projects from the “large to super-scale.” The digital processors offer a variety of networking capabilities suitable for multiple integration environments and, as Biamp describes, the Tesira line has “networking capabilities [that] are among the most flexible and scalable on the market.”

To leverage Tesira’s capabilities with AMX and Creston controllers, Control Concepts created interface modules that allow integrators to offer more, enabling users to do more, and to satisfy control and integration needs. Biamp, who refers to the Control Concepts development team as a “valued support partner,” notes the knowledge that Control Concepts brings and the support relationship the team provides.

AMX and Crestron Modules to Improve User Experience

Biamp anticipated the need to have a control interface for multiple manufacturers that would provide an easy, intuitive user interface. According to Biamp Systems Applications Engineer, Chris Flanagan, this is why the manufacturer chose Control Concepts for module development, citing Control Concepts’ experience with module development.

Tesira_Family_no FORTE

Collaboration and Experience in the Module Development Process

Describing the collaboration process for module development for the Tesira product platform, Flanagan says, “The development process was very good. Biamp’s Application Engineering team would communicate back and forth, collaborating [with Control Concepts], making sure that all the requirements were incorporated.”

Praise for Our Work
“We developed a clear work process which enabled us to develop a strong relationship with Control Concepts. They have been a great resource and we value their expertise as we continue to support our customers.”
– Chris Flanagan, Applications Engineer, Biamp Systems