User Needs Turn Programmers into Partners

With the growing level of competition at all levels, the opportunity to stand out in the crowded AV/IT landscape depends on the ability to provide solutions that address needs rather than just satisfy requirements.  In the age of networked AV systems, ordinary is no longer enough. As expectations for integrated systems increase, designing, installing, and programming systems are not specialized offerings or service add-ons.  They are integral for the success of a project and for the bottom line.

In order to remain leaders in the industry, we need to take the time to understand the needs of the user, how those needs are developed and how they evolve, and to provide a more creative solution that can’t be provided easily or appropriately by the average solutions provider. 

So what does the AV professional who does more look at to create the custom AV experience that utilizes technology to meet user needs and beat user expectations?

Some options to consider are advancing technology with solutions like unified communications, scalable infrastructure for switching video and audio over the network, streaming video and audio to remote locations, and remote management and monitoring of systems.

A focus on optimizing system operation, simplifying complex equipment, and unifying outside systems through innovative programming or software development, raises the bar and helps to create an outstanding user experience.

Custom Solutions for AMX, Crestron and More

When it comes to providing a customized solution for AV, that is specific to a client or that addresses a particular need, put programming and software at the forefront of the conversation.  Although not all programming is created equal, historically, control system programming has been the basis and continues to be the basis for defining the user experience while smoothing bumps in the road encountered by system design and equipment complexities.

Whether it is a “middleware” solution to connect independent systems like databases or scheduling software, a control module to leverage the power of complex equipment in an easy-to-implement manner, or a configurable solution that creates flexible future-proof solutions that lead to better, quality system usage and long-term cost savings, programming and software development offer the differentiating feature that is the signature of a customized solution.

Solutions are meant to solve problems and address needs not just satisfy requirements!

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