AMX Plugin Development that Surprises for All the Right Reasons

The Control Concepts Development team, helmed by Jeff Mackie, recently completed development of middleware that provides connectivity between AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) and EMS Software by DEA for purposes of sharing scheduling information extending the capabilities of AMX control systems.  In its initial implementation for a large healthcare provider, this custom solution unified the two software applications providing an enhanced user experience and seamless operation from one point of control.

AMX Product Manager Justin Kennedy calls the Control Concepts custom development team “very pleasurable to work with” and describes Jeff as doing a great job very quickly.  In fact, the quick turnaround time was a standout value from CCI, as compared to the many other AMX programmers his team works with.

Customer Satisfaction with AMX RMS Middleware Exceeds Expectations

The client experienced no learning curve or issues when the middleware was issued.  In fact, the multiple questions that usually accompany the implementation of a new software piece or API did not arise.

From a quick turnaround to a product that directly fit with user needs, the Control Concepts solution was a success for both the end user and the manufacturer.

A Turnaround Time Surprise that Satisfies

When Control Concepts began the AMX middleware project, the AMX team told their healthcare client to expect a turnaround time of “a couple of months.”  Instead, Control Concepts custom development had preliminary testing “ready to go in three weeks,” according to Justin Kennedy, who sees this kind of fast, quality turnaround to be an asset to the AMX/Control Concepts relationship and to the relationships that the manufacturers are able to maintain with their customers.

The middleware product connecting AMX Resource Management (RMS) and EMS Software by DEA is now available for purchase on a site license basis for other projects by contacting