Easy Control for 4K, HD and More: Control Concepts Develops AMX Modules for Planar Displays

planar control concepts AMX module development for Planar

The Control Concepts development team created AMX modules for Planar display and video wall products. The modules developed by Control Concepts make control easy for the Planar ClarityTM Matrix LCD Video Wall System, the UtltraResTM UHD/4K, and the large UHD and full HD resolution format flat displays in the EP-SeriesTM.

Recognized as “the world’s premier display provider,” Planar is committed to the highest quality displays and customer service. In order to do this, the manufacturer provides a variety of tailor made solutions for a wide range of applications.

Control Concepts AMX Modules Help Planar Meet Integrator Demands

Control Concepts developed AMX modules for Planar displays that help to connect Planar’s display expertise with users’ specific needs and expectations. According to Jennifer Davis, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at Planar, AMX module development from Control Concepts made it easy for the display manufacturer “to provide high-quality AMX modules for some of [Planar’s] best-selling models for our integrator customers.”

Recommended by AMX

Planar approached the Control Concepts development team for the display module project based on the recommendation of AMX, who cited the Control Concepts team’s experience in creating AMX modules for a variety of product manufacturers across the AV industry.

Praise from Planar
“The ClarityTM Matrix LCD video wall system, the Planar UltraRes UHD/4K, and the EP-SeriesTM of large format flat displays, both in UHD resolution and full HD resolution, can now be easily controlled by the modules developed by Control Concepts and the feedback has been exceptional.”
– Jennifer Davis, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, Planar