In a Decade with Control Concepts, Mike Korinko Sees an AV Culture Change


Mike Korinko celebrating his ten year anniversary with the CCI Team

Senior Engineer Mike Korinko celebrates ten years with the Control Concepts Team.  We have been privileged to have Mike with us, working on a range of control systems solutions including projects for clients in the education, corporate, and healthcare markets as well as module/driver development for manufacturers in the AV industry.

In the ten years since Mike started with CCI, with previous experience at Crestron Electronics, and in his more than twenty years in the AV industry, he has witnessed, and been a part of, changes and advancements in technology, capability, user expectation and engagement.  We talked with Mike about some of these changes and why one of his current projects is among his favorites.

What is the biggest change you have seen in the AV industry as a whole since you started at CCI ten years ago?

I would point to two things that have changed AV significantly.  The first is the advancement of Ethernet/Internet into all environments (including AV).  The second is the onset and maturation of digital AV.

These two things have really changed the way that we look at systems.  In the past, most systems were isolated to a single room or area and needed to function only on their own.  Today, the vast majority of systems are part of a larger integrated group [in which] all components need to function together using shared resources.

 How has the BYOD culture changed user expectations? 

Users expect to be able to go into a room and integrate their own devices into systems and this is becoming more and more accessible to them.  In many cases users expect that they should be able to control their systems with their devices as well and most manufacturers have responded to the call.

With the proliferation of iOS and Android devices and apps, the landscape has changed in terms of how users view usability and what they expect.  It is important for us to balance ease of use with providing a solution that harnesses all of the functionality available in a system.

What CCI project are you most proud of in your ten years with Control Concepts?

I am currently working on a project for a major computer technology company that has taken a long time to come to fruition.  I’ve formed a strong relationship with the technology managers with whom I have worked directly during much of my time at Control Concepts.  As a result of this relationship, I feel that I have a good understanding of their needs and desires for operating their system.  And this allows me to provide a solution that is specifically tailored for them.

In the case of the system we are working on now, I have implemented a large amount of file based operations that should allow our client to make additions and modifications to the system on their own as they use it without have to reprogram the Crestron hardware.  This should provide them a lot of value and flexibility as they move forward.

How is the CCI Team unique and does this play a role in why you have spent a decade with the company?

I feel like our team is very diverse and as a group we have a vast amount of experience.  We get along very well and everyone is always willing to help out.  It is comforting to know that whether we are trying to solve issues in the field or just looking for a different approach to things we may have done many times before, we can always bounce our problems or ideas off of one another and gain a fresh perspective.

Join us in applauding Mike Korinko for his commitment, hard work and dedication, both to Control Concepts and our customers.  You can reach Mike at