Custom Development for AV Systems Solve Problems, Increase ROI

AV programming answers your nagging questions – and individualizes your solution


We can all agree that demands are increasing for advanced functionality from custom AV control systems.  In order to justify cost and demonstrate value, providers must be looking to tackle unique needs and satisfy requests that provide value-add, increase capability, address concerns, and offer differentiation.  When technology from a custom programmed, high-end audiovisual system is not as functional as a desktop phone, a handheld remote, a mobile app, or a free software application, users (and purchasers) start to question their value and their necessity.

In this context, think about how you can answer these questions:

  • What did you do the last time you received a request for a feature that seemed to be beyond the capability of a traditional AV control system?
  • How did you react when your customer asked for their AV system to do something but you didn’t know where to start to find a solution?
  • How did you feel when you saw an opportunity to “wow” a customer by satisfying a need or addressing a challenge, but you knew that achieving that wow factor was beyond your capability?
  • How many times do you find yourself saying “I wish I could provide that feature, but there isn’t a module currently available to do that”?

For the past seventeen years at Control Concepts, we have seen technology change and software advance.  However, aside from the adoption of the network as the backbone for AV systems, the features, functions, capabilities, and user experience of most AV control systems have largely maintained status quo.  This is about to change!

Continuing with the concept of the custom module development work we have been providing through the Manufacturers’ Zone, Control Concepts is reaching out to technology managers, integrators, programmers, and consultants to offer custom development services to address specific functionality requests, add feature enhancements, tackle complex device control or APIs, integrate with external software or databases, and provide upgrades or a fixes to existing systems.

The ability to go beyond the boundaries of a typical AV control system through custom development opens the doors to unlimited possibilities.

This is not just talk and it’s not magic.  Control Concepts has the skills to create solutions that augment traditional AV systems through a variety of software platforms based on requirements and needs.  What was seemingly impossible now can be done as long as the appropriate resources of time, budget, and infrastructure are made available.

Why does custom development matter?

As AV has become more a part of IT, installation had become less custom and more plug-and-play.  At the same time, equipment has become more commoditized.  In this climate, feature-rich control system programming leads to an enhanced user experience that has become the differentiator between a typical system and a high end solution.

Solutions like this, the kinds of AV programming solutions that satisfy needs, help to build strong client relationships, greater degrees of satisfaction, increased ROI, and opportunities for future growth.

Because custom development expands the boundaries of AV system capabilities, the kinds of solutions we provide are as varied as the clients, integrators, technology managers and others we work with.  Custom development solutions for AV systems that we have provided include integration with corporate directories; user authentication through external systems; scheduling software integration; phone directory search and recall using common protocols like JSON, SOAP, LDAP and others.  But custom development is not just about what we have done for AV systems, it’s about what we can do for yours.

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