Control Programming Experts Empowering Technology Managers and Creating Community

We at Control Concepts are thrilled to be joining with Marc LaVecchia and BMA Software Solutions to present the inaugural TechTalk at InfoComm 2014 next month.  TechTalk is a Technology Manager-focused community that provides a place to learn best practices, share experiences, ask questions, solve problems, and gain useful tips and tricks not covered by other types of formalized industry education. The upcoming event, TechTalk: Control Experts’ Tips from the Trenches, is exclusively designed for Technology Managers to share valuable insight that they can use to make their projects run smoothly, system implementation easy, troubleshooting efficient and user experience exemplary for them and for all of their users.

If you are a Technology Manager attending InfoComm 2014 or the InfoComm Solutions Summit, register for our event (Tuesday, June 17, at Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant in Las Vegas).  Or, if you have a Technology Manager client or associate that you feel could benefit from such our community and this event, please pass along this information.

Our discussion topics include overcoming challenges that cause setbacks in time and burdens on budget, from not having all of or the latest source code and drawings, to not planning for changes or future expansion of your system, to the value of standardization and consistency and the potential impact of firmware upgrades.  We explore how to define an effective functionality specification, the impact of following a well-defined project process, the importance of effective communication, as well as the effects of buying the latest and greatest product based on sales and marketing pitches as opposed to evaluating product functionality and capability first, while confirming that products truly align with user needs and requirements.

Through our events, site materials, brand new social media channels (;, and upcoming private LinkedIn group, we encourage our Technology Manager colleagues to continue the conversation and bring questions and ideas to us – and to each other – through TechTalk.

And because programming is at the heart of what we do and Technology Managers are our co-technology professionals, we are always ready to share programming tips and best practices aimed at providing innovative solutions such as future-proofing systems by writing expandable, scalable code.

Tell us Your Thoughts on TechTalk

Bring us your questions, feedback and ideas.  For Technology Managers, this really is your space and we at Control Concepts and BMA Software Solutions are privileged to share it with you.