Improving User Experience: Lencore Sound Manager 2.0

Lencore Integration

Jeff Mackie, Director of Product Development, led the Control Concepts team on the Lencore Sound Manager 2.0 project. Working with Lencore, the Jeff and the CCI team redesigned the graphic user interface (GUI) as well as the control functionality for the firmware for Lencore’s Sound Manager 2.0.

Of the project, Jeff says, “We had the opportunity to look ‘under the hood’ and learned how to provide a tool that satisfies the needs and demands of their clients, partners, sales team, and engineers.”

Praise for Our Work with Lencore
“The redesign was ultimately about providing a superior experience for our clients… Sound Manager 2 improved the functionality of our systems by simplifying the interface and the control.”
– Jonathan Leonard, President of Lencore


Programmer Partnerships Strengthen Manufacturer Products

As Steve Greenblatt, President of Control Concepts, notes, the ongoing programming work with Lencore is “a partnership that has grown from development of third party control modules to software that enhances products, the successes of which are indicative of the strength of the relationship and level of support provided.”

Control Concepts and Lencore in the News

Sound Manager 2.0 – Improving the User Experience

CCI Insight

“It’s great to have the opportunity apply our knowledge of providing a successful user experience and software solution to help manufacturers achieve the highest potential with their products.” – Jeff Mackie, Control Concepts Director of Product Development