Red Hook Initiative

It was a great night in Brooklyn on Wednesday, January 29, when I joined AV Network for a panel discussion on the AV industry for young adults at the Red Hook Initiative.

Speaking and working with the next generation of AV technology professionals always gets me excited for the future of our industry.  We are no longer a specialized, geeky industry that is not understood by those outside the profession, nor an industry whose skills are so unique that they can only be passed down from those with experience.  We are working in a time in which audiovisual technology is everywhere and is relatable to individuals and businesses alike.  Connectivity and communication are at unprecedented levels and available like never before.  Terms like HDMI, WiFi, and Streaming that are industry-related are commonly used by the average Gen Xer or Millennial. 

Now is the time for our industry to harness the forward momentum and visibility that we have gained in the technology space and to carry it over to the ways that we represent ourselves to our clients and the new generation that look to us as leaders. Working with young professionals and students who are seeking technology careers is an important part of this process.

Speaking with the students and aspiring technical professionals at the Red Hook Initiative was not only an honor, but also a greatly rewarding experience.  The experience typified a lesson that I recently learned.  This lesson is that “you don’t realize the value and significance of what you know until you share it with others who don’t know it and want to learn.”

It is so easy to take your experience and knowledge for granted and to discount its importance; however, I encourage you to consider speaking with an individual or group that respects and wants to learn more about what you know.  If you do, you will look at yourself differently and certainly have more appreciation for your own accomplishments.

What made the RHI Digital Stewards Event great was sitting on the panel with accomplished members of the AV industry that had varied experiences and knowledge.  As panelists, we were able to learn from each other and we were inspired by a group of engaged, self-starter young people that were impressive in their own right.

For me personally, I verified a continued interest in software and programming that gives promise to the future of control system solutions and software development.  As an industry, we need to look to the future and seek out and recruit these up-and-coming programmers and technical professionals to join us.

At Control Concepts we are making outreach to students and young professionals a priority.  We attend career fairs at local colleges and panel discussions like this one.  We are developing internship and recruiting programs and designing new ways of speaking to, teaching, and learning from our next generation of colleagues.  Please leave a comment or contact me directly to continue this dialog or for more information on our development program.

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