CCI Fall Kickoff: Announcements, Trends and Predictions

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CCI Team Member Lynn Abraham Connects with Customers in New Ways

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service and customer experience at every step of the project process, we have created a new position on the CCI Team, Customer Experience Coordinator.  The Customer Experience coordinator connects directly with CCI customers to provide service, attention and help.

I am pleased to announce that longtime CCI Team Member Lynn Abraham has been promoted to this position.  Lynn is instrumental in scheduling and overseeing all projects, and communicating between technical staff and customers.

Lynn understands our business and our customers like no one else.  She welcomes her new role, saying “it is wonderful to be even more involved in the process.”  Lynn has already received congratulations and support from longtime customers who are happy to be interacting with her even more, and we agree!

Lynn provides the leadership, confidence, and consistency needed to be effective in facilitating the growth of our business.  Her effectiveness in working with our staff and customers to maintain productivity and efficiency as well as ensuring that everyone’s needs are met is what makes her the right fit for the position.

InfoComm Economics Survey Shows Bright Future for A/V

The annual InfoComm Economic Snapshot, based on an industry-wide survey conducted by InfoComm about economic health, expectations and trends, has revealed that the IPI (InfoComm Performance

Index), derived from company performance over the past six months and expected performance for the next six months, is anticipated to reach its highest level recorded over the period June 2013 –  November 2013 with an IPI of 76.7.  That means that in all segments, across multiple markets, the AV industry is seeing growth and opportunity.

At Control Concepts, we have been ramping up to be prepared for this anticipated growth for over a year.  We have been actively seeking professionals who are a good fit for our team, created and restricted positions like Customer Service Coordinator and Junior Programmer, and continued to develop skills through internal and external training.

One such opportunity, and another topic that InfoComm surveyed industry members about, is AV/IT convergence.  To determine industry impressions about and experience with AV/IT convergence, InfoComm looked at both the perceived impact on the industry and the perceived impact on the individual companies and found “positive impact on both the industry overall and [respondents’] specific companies.”

The majority of respondents in the InfoComm Economic Survey identify technological and systems-related benefits as the most popular area for AV/IT convergence, with emphasis on ease of system design and management as well as enterprise solutions like “IP-centric solutions” and “connectivity standardization.”

Further, AV industry survey respondents are recognizing the business opportunities that AV/IT convergence generate from market expansion to profitability, all of which also translates to end user benefits that include lower prices, easier systems and single solutions.

Our Predictions: A/V and the Network of the Future

At Control Concepts, we are prepared to lead our clients and partners to leverage the opportunities that the AV/IT convergence provides.

Content, systems, control and monitoring are at the forefront of the future of A/V and IT and programmers are uniquely positioned to leverage expertise to lead the way for future industry and individual growth.  From adding value for manufacturers with enhanced drivers and modules to simplifying access to streaming content for superior in-room presentation performance to mastering building monitoring with A/V insight and tools, the future is bright and the opportunities vast.

Read more about our predictions for the critical role of audiovisual programmers in the enterprise network solutions framework in Corporate Tech Decisions.