Driver Development for Performance Quality & User Experience for Lutron

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Control Concepts has created drivers for two of Lutron’s popular residential product lines: the RadioRA®2 and Homeworks® QS total home control systems.  These energy saving systems offer convenient control of lights, shades, temperature and standby power from small appliances and fans.  The system can be installed easily in any home and operates via Lutron’s Clear ConnectTM wireless, RF technology.  Both systems can also be controlled from mobile devices, including Apple® iPadTM, iPodTM Touch and iPhoneTM as well as Android devices.

In addition to creating drivers for the RadioRA®2 and Homeworks® QS control systems, Control Concepts continues to support the products by conducting ongoing maintenance and support with focus on adding value for end users, as well as optimizing device functionality and performance.  Driver flexibility paves the way for continued performance quality and increased user satisfaction.

The control system interface for the RadioRA®2 and Homeworks® QS bridges the gap between AV and lighting control by developing an intriguing, high visibility front end interface with expanded capabilities.  Front end controls and switches streamline user experience and further promote device utilization.

Praise for Our Work with Lutron
“Control Concepts’ drivers help us streamline integration with other systems and deliver value to the integrator and end user.”
– Rich Black, Director, Lutron Residential Product Management and Business Development

CCI Insight

“Working with Lutron has demonstrated the importance of convergence between lighting  and shade control and audiovisual systems within the same user interface.  Our past experience, knowledge, and troubleshooting skills with AV systems and controls have helped us to be able to effectively support Lutron and its clients.”  – Mike Korinko, Senior Engineer

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