Seamless Third Party Control for SurgeX Axess

Product: SurgeX Axess

Axess SX-AX15 Front

Axess Elite SX-AX15 Front

Photos Courtesy of SurgeX

Control Concepts has developed control modules for SurgeX for multiple platforms to meet certification standards for Crestron and AMX and to leverage product capabilities for seamless third party control, guaranteeing the product is program and integration ready.

From the functional standpoint and the operational standpoint, Control Concepts simplified the programming demands for the product for easy integration.  For the manufacturer, this includes defining what needs to be controlled and how it will be controlled, in a way that maximizes the value of the scope of product capabilities.

Control Concepts works directly with SurgeX to

  • consult on features and functionality
  • upgrade and maintain modules
  • provide testing and validation

This includes a comprehensive package with full-featured control modules, a manual and demo screens.

Praise for Our Work with SurgeX
“Control Concepts took the time to understand our needs and was able to design modules that offer a familiar user interface for monitoring and data reporting with the potential to reduce energy usage through smart scheduling and better system health.”
– Shannon Townley, President, SurgeX and Energy Intelligence Solution Sales


Helping AV Manufacturers Do More

Through Control Concepts’ ongoing work with SurgeX, the company is committed to developing a long standing partnership in which SurgeX can rely on Control Concepts to help make their products even more marketable, robust and flexible.

Since Spring 2011 Control Concepts has worked with SurgeX to help prepare the product for clients seeking an energy management solution that can

  • control AV systems remotely
  • manage AV systems remotely
  • measure energy of AV systems remotely

CCI Insight

“The work that we did with SurgeX is a testament to the manufacturer for having it done fully to maximize the product, anticipate needs and promote ease of integration.”

–Steve Greenblatt, President, Control Concepts