Manufacturers, Programmers, Integrators Unite: CCI Heads to CEDIA Expo

CEDIA Expo 2012

Control Concepts is excited to participate in CEDIA this year.  As a member of #CEDIATweeps, Steve Greenblatt is sharing his insight on how control systems programming and the AV industry as a whole can learn from and contribute to CEDIA at the show and throughout the year.

Leading up to the CEDIA Expo, to be held September 5 -8, in Indianapolis, look for @stevegreenblatt on twitter.  He’ll be spreading the word about CEDIA news, announcements and activities most important to audiovisual manufacturers, integrators, consultants and fellow programmers.

CEDIA recently published a guest blog by Steve, Commercial and Residential AV: Fish Out of Water or Sailing a New Sea?, in which he explored the crossover of user expectation on the commercial and residential sides and began a conversation about what- and how much- each sector can learn from the other.

He continues the discussion with Crestron CAIPs, who are familiar with both markets, talking about the value of connecting with AV professionals across multiple verticals and with a diversity of expertise, through social media.  In his recent piece for Crestron, titled “The Value of Social Media for Independent Programmers,” Steve discusses the success of the #avtweeps and the new momentum of #CEDIATweeps, all in the context of building relationships that stimulate creativity and pave the way for new and exciting opportunities.

Control Concepts has been starting conversations all across the AV industry lately, including on the new CCI Manufacturers’ Zone.  The Manufacturers’ Zone highlights CCI’s development services for manufacturers, including success stories from having worked with Crestron, AMX, Middle Atlantic, Lencore Acoustics and others.  Working with manufacturers and using programming to enhance performance and efficiency, and to increases opportunities for device communication across multiple platforms, it becomes even more apparent that it is important to bring together professionals across the AV industry, that cater to commercial and professional markets.  As Steve often explains, it is in working together that the industry as a whole can pave the way for continued success, even as markets change.

The relationships that individuals begin- manufacturers, programmers, consultants, clients- create the greater experience of creative design and application, the benefits of which are clear to all, whether the conversation starts on twitter, at a tradeshow or in a meeting.

If you’re at CEDIA, come chat with Control Concepts about development services for manufacturers, the unique point of view of independent programmers and what’s new with the tweeps.