Optimized Functionality for Middle Atlantic Products’ RackLink™

Manufacturer: Middle Atlantic Products
Product: RackLink
Date of Launch: Fall 2011

Middle Atlantic Racklink Integration

Photo Courtesy of Middle Atlantic Products

Working in close collaboration with Middle Atlantic Products, Control Concepts created control modules for both Crestron and AMX that provide control and measurement for energy management, import RackLinkTM data into a database providing comparison of usage and identifies cost saving opportunities and gathers unsolicited feedback through a registration process. These features provide AV professionals with the data they need to make real-time changes to control systems that save energy and cost, and improve functionality.

Praise for Our Work with RackLinkTM
The expertise that Control Concepts brought to the development of RackLink’s control system communication protocol was invaluable… [their] knowledge of these environments helped optimize its functionality for how integrators utilize it in the field.
– Electrical/Electronic Product Manager Murray Williams, Middle Atlantic


CCI Insight

“Middle Atlantic Products is well known for making the best Equipment Racks and accessories. The new RackLink product is Middle Atlantic’s entry into Electronic Control and energy management. I got to see RackLink evolve and grow into the BEST power controller on the market. The professionalism, team work, and engineering capabilities of Middle Atlantic Products impressed me at every milestone. Because of this, I always look forward to working with them. I take pride in my work and I’m proud to have been a contributor to the success of RackLink.”

–Jeff Mackie, Director of Product Development, Control Concepts

RackLink News

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