Know Your Control System Programmer

Whether you realize it or not, the outcome of a high end, customized audiovisual system ultimately rests on the shoulders of a control system programmer.  Establishing the requirements, conveying the proper information, and entrusting in the capabilities of reliable resources are the critical factors that lead to success.  With so much time and effort dedicated to planning, scheduling, and design, as well as selecting specific players to be involved in a project, why leave programming up to chance?

Choose to work with a programming resource or programmer who is industry certified, reputable, and adheres to industry best practices.

Qualifications, a proven track record, fair pricing, and reliability are basis for working with a service provider of any type (industry or non-industry related).  So why risk the outcome of your project by utilizing an unqualified or unproven resource because they provide a low cost solution or fit into an unrealistic budget?

Aside from the quality of the product, the following are some additional criteria that define a qualified programming resource

  • Adhering to a consistent, efficient, and thorough project process
  • Taking the users’ needs into consideration in proposing a solution
  • Providing a functionality submittal in advance of programming, defining the solution
  • Listening and responding to customer feedback
  • Customization and branding of their product for specific client
  • Attentiveness and responsiveness
  • Support and commitment
  • Timeliness and flexibility

InfoComm’s Independent Programmers Council is establishing best business practices for independent programming companies as well as standards of excellence for all programmers with the intent of enhancing customers’ experiences with programming.   These qualifications will serve to raise the bar for programming and limit the risk and temptation to work with lower cost, sub-par providers by identifying reliable resources that are committed to providing quality, effective products and services that adhere to industry guidelines.

Established processes, reliable support, industry certifications, legal compliance, and company stability are standards that are foundations of the best business practices.  Knowing that your system will be effectively programmed, that the programmer will be qualified and responsive, and the source code will be well-written, documented, and available for future needs are just a few of the standards of excellence.

Think about it this way, when you undergo a medical procedure or operation, are you satisfied with simply selecting a hospital to go to or are you more concerned with the qualifications and capabilities of the doctor who is performing the procedure?

Don’t risk the outcome of your project; remember to Know Your Programmer.

Steve Greenblatt

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