Control Concepts Develops Third-Party Control System Modules for ClearOne’s CONVERGE® Pro 2DSP Mixer Product Line

We are excited to announce that ClearOne recently partnered with us to create a suite of control modules encompassing Crestron, AMX, and Extron control platforms for the CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP Mixer product line.

The newly developed modules will help to simplify control system programming and integration of the CONVERGE Pro 2, ultimately creating more effective and adaptable solutions for consultants, integrators, and programmers working with the equipment.

Our partnership with ClearOne on the CONVERGE Pro 2 products, and other similar projects, has provided a valuable opportunity to collaborate with a manufacturer during the development stage and ensure that their clients’ control system needs are fully supported upon product release. The multi-platform, consistent modules we’ve created, along with our ongoing support relationship, will help ClearOne increase adoption and integration of their products, allowing them to better serve their clients in the future.

As an authorized solutions provider in Crestron, AMX, and Extron control systems, Control Concepts is uniquely positioned to support ClearOne, as well as other manufacturers, in providing a consistent solution across multiple control systems platforms. A consistent solution is key to driving positive experiences and outcomes among consultants, resellers, programmers regardless of preferred platform.

Please visit Control Concepts on the web to learn more about module solutions that help simplify programming and increase adoption of your products.  You can also contact to request more information on module development and related services.